[GSEF2016]: Local mobilisation for the revitalisation of community housing; combating heat and increasing urban biodiversity

North America
SSE Organisation
Urban & Rural Regeneration / Community
Governance / Eco-system

Presented at: GSEF2016 Montreal 

Organisation: Parole d’excluEs (Citizen Initiative)

Date: September 7, 2016

Presenter: Amélie Daigle (Interim General Coordinator)


Born of a citizen mobilization process, stemming from the deployment of social housing, the project concerns the revamping of the North-East sector of Montréal-Nord in order to address social, economic and environmental challenges. The collaboration between Parole d’excluEs and the local government was possible because the revitalisation project is in line with a wider approach of Parole d’excluEs, and coincides with a desire of the neighbourhood to revitalise this sector. 

The initiative is situated within the framework of a program aimed at combating heat islands. Around twenty partners are involved and Parole d’excluEs is the project supervisor. Parole d’excluEs is a movement aimed at social transformation in order to put an end to all kinds of poverty and exclusion. Based on the needs and ambitions of citizens, it develops collective and transformative answers with citizens, community actors, institutions and the researchers.