[GSEF2016]: DAFA program: An innovative partnership for the development and access to a diploma of aptitudes for leisure activity providers

North America
Local Government
SSE Organisation
Youth / Education
Public Policy / Legal Framework

Presented at: GSEF2016 Montreal 

Organisation: Conseil québécois du loisir (Social and Solidarity Economy Organization), Ville de Laval (Government and public agency)

Date: September 7, 2016

Presenter: Sonia Vaillancourt (Director of Development), Janique Letellier (Division Head - Lavallois 1-2 Municipal Office Culture, Leisure, Sport and Local Development Services)

Contacts: svaillancourt@loisirquebec.comj.letellier@ville.laval.qc.ca


The Conseil québécois du loisir (Quebec Leisure Council) and the Association québécoise du loisir municipal (Quebec Municipal Leisure Association), one of the seven partners of the DAFA Program will present different examples of innovative cooperation between social economy organizations and municipalities in terms of the conditions that allowed for their realisation and the challenges faced. Based on a collaborative development and management process and on decentralized functioning, the DAFA Program is recognized by all national leisure organizations. The flexibility granted to the organizations allows them to adapt the program to the needs of each environment. Already more than 22,000 young people are enrolled, and almost 350 municipalities and local organizations offer this training. This standard is implemented, in all the regions in Quebec, in order to ensure the quality and the safety of the activities carried out in leisure infrastructure.