[GSEF2016]: The implementation of a crowdfunding platform by a solidarity collective

SSE Organisation
Social Finance / Impact Measurement
Future of Work / Technology

Presented at: GSEF2016 Montreal 

Organisation: J’adopte un projet.com (Social and Solidarity Economy Organization)

Date: September 7, 2016

Presenter: Thibault Cuénoud (President)

Contacts:  tcuenoud@escem.fr


Jadopteunprojet.com is a crowdfunding solidarity tool created by and for the local stakeholders of the Aquitaine, Limousin and Poitou-Charentes Region, where everything is implemented to generate interactions between “solidarity citizens”, “project carriers” and “support stakeholders” (public and private). The choice of a human-sized platform enables us to be closer to our entrepreneurs and also to contributing to the economic development of our territory. The proposed projects have strong social, environmental or cultural added value. All the project carriers benefit from the support of the partners in the project, which guarantees the trust and viability of the initiatives to be supported through the platform and its creation to its implementation, even to its functioning, jadopteunprojet.com is the result of synergy between Social and Solidarity Economy structures. The partnerships have been developed in an inclusive way given that the platform is seen as a common good by everybody.