UNTFSSE ‘Technical Symposium on SSE’ (15th UNTFSSE Meeting)

3-4 November, Rome, Italy

UNTFSSE (UN inter-agency Task Force for Social and Solidarity Economy) is organizing a technical symposium on SSE in Rome from 3 to 4 November. The workshop will bring together UNTFSSE members for agenda setting and strategic action plan of the TF for the coming years. Based on the outcome of this symposium, UNTFSSE’s 19 UN agencies members such as FAO, ILO, UNRISD, OECD as well as 9 overserves including GSEF, MBM, RIPESS, ICA will be able to identify the areas of cooperation and formulate strategic plans for the advancement of SSE to implement the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). GSEF Secretary General Laruence Kwakr is joining the meeting to contribute to the agenda setting of the UNTFFSE’s action plan.