Meeting with the First Lady of Costa Rica, Mercedes Penas Domingo

14 October 2016, Seoul, Korea

The first lady of Costa Rica, Mercedes Penas Domingo paid a visit to the GSEF Secretariat on 14 October. The first lady was greeted by the co-chairman of GSEF Rev. Kyong Yong Song, directors from the Seoul Metropolitan Government and representatives of social economy organisations based in Korea. The meeting provided an opportunity for enhancing mutual understandings between the GSEF and Costa Rica in promoting the social and solidarity economy.

Costa Rica is a leading country in Latin America in the field of sustainable development; 100% energy consumed in Costa Rica is coming from renewable energy sources in which energy cooperatives are taking part in the production process. Costa Rica has various governmental bodies and divisions which were founded to promote the social and solidarity economy.

Based on the discussions throughout the meeting, GSEF will work closely with Costa Rica central government as well as its municipalities for exchanging best practices and knowledge sharing for sustainable development