2016 Gyeonggi Province Ddabok Community International Conference on Social Finance



Gyeonggi Province in collaboration with Ddabok Community Support Center is hosting 'International Conference on Social Fiance' this October.


Date: 25th (Tue) ~ 27th (Thu) October, 2016

Venue: Champagne Hall, Novotel ambassador, Su-won City, Gyeonggi Province

Topics: A wide range of topics on social finance will be covered through key note speech, side events and debate sessions, topics includig but not limited to ethical banks, social innovation funds, alternative finance, trust funds, cooperative social finance and community funds.

Participants:  leading SSE organisations in the field of social finance from around the globe will be sharing their insights and experience through key note speeches and debates,

Here is the list of some of participating organisations..


Laboral Kutza (Mondragon/Spain), JAK Medlemsbank (Sweden), CDFI Fund (US), BPIfrance (France), FIDUCIE du Chantier de l'économie sociale (Quebec/Canada), Legacoop (Italy), NPO bank network (Japan), Community Shares (UK) as well as leading pioneeers in community development funds in Korea.

Along with the city of Seoul, Gyeonggi province is the only local government in the world with population over 10millions and 

implementing comprehensive social economy policieis for the communiyt and urban development at the municipal government level. Gyeonggi province in partnership with Ddabok Community Support Center proactively engaging with social finance for more equitable and community friendly economic development. 

For further details of the forum you can visit the website: 

http://ddabokconference2016.or.kr/exDash.do?hl=KOR (available in KOR)

and for English refer to the attachment.