GSEF 2016 General Assembly Outcomes

9th Sep 2016

Along with the main forum, the 2nd General Assembly of GSEF was held and important agenda items of the association such as deciding the next GSEF2018 hosting city were formally approved through the General Assembly. Below is the list of key decisions made by the approval of the GA.

▶ Host City for the Next General Assembly 2018

GA elected Bilbao City, Spain; the leading SSE city in Europe as a host city of the GSEF2018.

▶ Election of Chair-city & Co-chair of GSEF for 2016 – 2018

The city of Seoul has renewed its mandate as the Chair-city of GSEF (Seoul Metropolitan Government: Mayor Won-Soon Park, Seoul Social Economy Network: Rev. Kyong Yong Song).

▶ Approval of New Membership Applications

GA formally approved 10 new membership applications The list of new GSEF members are

RIPESS (International Network), The Mont-Blanc Meetings (International Network), City of Bilbao (Spain), Taichung City Government (Taiwan), City of Bamako (Mali), Mexico City Council (Mexico), Maison du Millénaire (Quebec), Institut des nations, INDC (Tunisia / Morocco), Network of Civic Education (DRC), Network of Social Economy (Ecuador)

▶ Election of New Steering Committee Members for the period 2016-2018

RIPESS, the Mont-Blanc Meetings, City of Bilbao are approved to be the new GSEF Steering Committee members (full membership) and current GSEF SC members renewed their mandate for the period of 2016-2018.

▶ GSEF joined the leading Int’l SSE Networks: RIPESS, Association of the Mont-Blanc Meetings (MBM) and International Leading Group of the SSE

GSEF joined RIPESS as a member, a board member of The Mont-Blanc Meetings and an observer of the International Leading Group of the SSE.

Moreover, other agenda items such as approval of GSEF 2017-2018 activity plans, charter amendments, achieving the legal status were discussed. To check out all agenda items discussed during the GA you can download the GSEF2016 GA booklet and the outcome report on the GSEF website.