Meet Up on the Dutch Social Enterprise Sector

Get to learn to Dutch social enterprise sector!

The Netherlands is home to some of the most interesting social enterprises in the world such as Taxi Electric, the first taxi company in the world that operates with only 100% electric taxis and employs unemployed elderly. Or Fairphone that aims to create a fair smartphone without the use of conflict materials. And can brewing beer be social? Yes, social enterprise de Prael is a beer brewer and restaurant that employs people with mental problems.
In this meet up Stefan Panhuijsen, Head of Policy and Research at Social Enterprise NL, will tell you everything you need to know about the Dutch social enterprise sector. What are the most innovative social enterprises?What are their success factors and what are obstacles for growth? What is the role of impact investors, networks, corporates, government and universities in creating a vibrant ecosystem? And let’s discuss what Korea can learn from the Netherlands and vice versa! 
Please invite your friends.
English Spaeking.

►Date&Time: 6 September 7:30pm
►Venue: Hive Arena ( IBK Building 5 Floor) 
►Entrance Fee: 10,000 Won including drinks and snacks, For Free Hive Arena Coworkers (Paypal:

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