ILO/KoSEA/SNU Joint Research Conference

The social and solidarity economy (SSE) is a way of conducting economic activity while pursuing both social and economic aim and fostering solidarity. Despite the rising importance of the SSE, major questions remain regarding the definition, measurement, size, impact, potential, and limits of the SSE. Against this backdrop, the ILO launched a project, ‘Strengthening Social and Solidarity Economy Policy (SSE) in Asia’ in 2019 in collaboration with an implementing partner, the Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency (KoSEA), with financial support from the Ministry of Employment and Labour of Republic of Korea.

As one of the components of the project, a research has been conducted to better understand the nature of the SSE in countries in Asia and Pacific region where the relevant legal and institutional frameworks are lagging. With the analytical framework developed by the Seoul National University research team, a mapping study of the SSE in six countries in the region has been initiated; the target countries are Republic of Korea, Japan, China, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The findings of the research will be presented for the first time during the research conference.

Specifically, the purpose of the conference is to:

  • Deepen the understanding of the characteristics and challenges of the SSE in the six Asian countries with a particular focus on its institutional and operational design and overall ecosystem;
  • Explore recommendations for relevant policies tailored to the Asian context;
  • Validate the result of the project research

The conference participants will include researchers, practitioners from SSE movements and social partners representing the region. Based on the findings from the research, capacity building activities will be carried out for the relevant stakeholders in specific countries, providing technical support to the countries in need of developing/strengthening their SSE policies.

With simultaneous interpretation in Korean and English, the conference will be streamed live on KoSEA’s YouTube page: