Groupe SOS Singed a Partnership Agreement with China

Groupe SOS signed a partnership agreement with Yuyun Jiankang  Co., Ltd (宇云健康) Beijing in developing elderly care and medical system in China such as joint development of personalised medical services targeting rapidly increasing elderly population in China. The partnership was initially discussed in February 2017 by the agreement made between the two governments on medical-care services and participation by Central European Medical institutions and last January 2018, it was actualised in the form of ‘Silk Road International Medical Center Project (丝路国际医养中心项目) to be implemented in four major cities in China namely Qingdao(青岛), Changsha(长沙), Chengdu(成都), Xiong’an New Area(雄安新区).

The project is a continuation of the Chinese government’s efforts of establishing medical treatment and professional care services which was in line with the City of Beijing’s announcement for improving quality of its medical services by integrating care and treatment services by establishing new independent medical centers in 2017.

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