Call for papers "Tackling the migration and refugee challenge"

Call for papers for WG2 Research Seminar ''Tackling the migration and refugee challenge"

Nov 22 - 23, 2018 University of Trento, Itlay - Department of Socilogy and Social Research 

Call for proposal deadline: 29 June

The title of the seminar “Tackling the migration and refugee challenge. Exploring innovative policies and practices through the lens of social enterprises and third sector organizations” reflects the focus on the potential of local communities to self-organize and design effective solutions for tackling the challenges posed by migrations to local societies, particularly, the creation of innovative organizations. These organizations include social enterprises understood as organizations which combine an entrepreneurial dynamic to provide services or goods with a primacy of social aims and cross various types of borders; across sectors (public, conventional enterprises, cooperatives, associations), resources (market, public and philanthropy) and activity fields.

Many of these initiatives are being promoted by individuals, immigrants organizations, local businesses, religious organizations and groups of volunteers who are self-organizing to deliver first aid and co-provide basic services, work and social inclusion and advocacy; these may include suitable housing, education, work and entrepreneurship, and the design of new skills assessment tools. Since most of these initiatives developed spontaneously at the grassroots level, they are difficult to grasp. Hence, our endeavour is to promote an interdisciplinary discussion forum that can contribute to systematizing innovative practices and pave the way for further empirical and theoretical analysis in a field of research that has relevant policy implications.

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