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September 24 - 26, 2018 Moncton, New Brunswick

Over 350 leaders from across Canada’s social innovation landscape will gather in Moncton, New Brunswick for EconoUs 2018 to:

Handshake CONNECT with social innovation leaders from across Canada who share a passion for building strong, inclusive community economies
Hand holding a pencil LEARN about strategies for generating inclusive communities, sustainable environments and local prosperity
Share SHARE your successes, challenges and questions on how to create inclusive communities, sustainable environments and local prosperity with an economy that works for all
Hand holding lightening bolts REINVIGORATE efforts for change in your community and organization through stories, new ideas, knowledge and connections

This year’s theme is PEOPLEPLANETECONOMY, to highlight how the social, environmental and economic issues we face are intertwined and require multifaceted solutions in order to create an economy that works for all.

EconoUs2018 will feature dynamic speakers, interactive storytelling sessions and skill-building workshops, local and regional tours, a day for turning learning to action, and plenty of opportunities to network.

To find more about EconoUs 2018, check out the link here