GSEF 2018 registration is open

Registration for one of the biggest international gatherings for the social economy ‘GSEF biannual conference – GSEF2018 ‘Social economy and cities: Values and competitiveness for an inclusive and sustainable local development (1-3 Oct, 2018)’ is now open for public and you can register through the official online page here.

Along the line of four key themes of GSEF2018 as below, innovative social economy initiatives across the different continents will be presented in the form of various workshops, plenaries and seminars during the 3days of forum period. In addition to that, participants of the forum will have an opportunity to explore leading social economy practices through site visits across the Basque country.

4 main themes of the GSEF2018: 

Co-creation of public policies

Regional transformation

Growth of social economy entities 

The future of workd and employment 

The GSEF2018 will provide an unparalleled opportunity to learn from social economy best practices worldwide as well as networking opportunities with leading organizations, cities and international organizations working for the promotion of social economy with particular emphasis on the local and municipal level.

Further information

For the GSEF2018 central theme / sub theme: link

For the programme of the GSEF2018: link

For registration: link

* Along with the forum, the General Assembly of GSEF member cities and social economy organizations on the 2nd of October.