[WUF9] Micro X Foundation

SSE Organisation
Environment / Food

Presented at:  WUF9 (World Urban Forum) Networking Event 

Date: 11th Feb 2018

Organisation: Micro X Foundation

Presenter: Mayank Jain

Country: India


Mayank Jain, a founder of Micro X Foundation, emphasized that people easily forget that all the people are part of the food system, and that means everybody are connected to the agriculture. In other words, consumers and producers cannot be separated in the food system, however, by contrast, cities and the rural areas are divided and that affects to the food quality and food security. Thus, one of the missions of the MicroX is integrating cities and rural areas by fixing the broken food system. Pursuing that goal means, towards the inclusive society they have been trying to develop sustainable economic values and farmer’s sustainability (especially through women’s empowerment). Also, they have created the programs such as replacing the empty urban space with green farms to make rediscovery of the value of the food and its system. In addition, they are trying to let the youth to grow as a leading group who reconnect the agrarian heritage and urban life.