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City of Lima (Ate District)

Latin America and the Caribbean
Member since: 
January 2017

Ate-Vitarte is located in the central eastern part of the Metropolitan of Lima on the south banks of the Rio Rimac.


The old town of Ate is located around 14 km east of the Historic Centre of Lima. From the middle of the 19th century onwards Ate-Vitarte was the industrial zone of Lima where mainly textile factories were established. The district of Ate-Vitarte was officially confirmed by law on the 4th of August 1821 through General José de San Martin, shortly after the declaration of independence.


Ate-Vitarte is located in the central eastern part of the Lima Metropolitan on the south banks of the River Rimac. Ate-Vitarte is connected with Lima through the 'Carretera Central' (the Central Highway) that links Lima with the regions of the central and eastern parts of Peru. The district of Ate-Vitarte is limited by the districts of Lurigancho (Chosica), San Juan de Lurigancho, Santa Anita and El Agustino in the north, by the district of Chaclacayo in the east, by the districts of La Molina, Cieneguilla and Santiago de Surco in the south and by the districts of San Luis and San Borja in the west.