[8th ILO SSE Academy]: Legal framework and public procurement

Monday, October 30, 2017

As a second series of the 8th ILO SSE Academy recap, we explored the legal structures for SSE in four countries. In October 18th, president of republic of Korea announced his 5 year master plan for boosting Korean economy and tackling employment issues. He addressed that the social economy will be the centre of promoting inclusive economic growth and assured the current government and the ruling party will put their utmost efforts in passing three key social economy legislations to promote public procurement and to enhance legal support for social economy organisations.

How different countries have established legal frameworks and implementing public initiatives to support the social and solidarity economy? We share the discussions we had through the "Legal framework and public procurement" session of the 8th ILO SSE Academy, took place in Seoul last June.  Panelists addressed legal environments related to the social and solidarity economy in various countries which have different institutional settings and political culture. 

Speaker (click the each country link below to read the details of the presentations) 

Case of South Africa - Kerryn Krige: Lecturer (GIBS Business School)

Case of Japan - Miura Hiroki: Researcher (Seoul National University)

Case of China - Xu Jia Liang: Professor (Shanghai Jiatong University)

Case of Seoul - Young Kim : Director (Seoul Social Economy Network)