GSEF General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of representatives appointed by the full members and is the highest decision-making body which decides GSEF projects/finance, the benefits of GSEF members, the election of chair city/steering committee members and the selection of host city for the next General Assembly. 


GSEF Chair-city and Co-Chairs

A Chair-city is elected at the General Assembly with one local government representative from the Chair-city and the other from social economy network members. A chair-city represents the GSEF and presides the meeting of the GSEF. Currently, the chair-city is the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The Mayor of Seoul, Won Soon Park, and the President of Seoul Social Economy Network (SSEN), Joung Youl Kim, are co-chairs of GSEF until 2020.  


GSEF Steering Committee

The GSEF Steering Committee consists of co-chairs, elected Steering Committee members, and two representatives of the host city of the next General Assembly. The GSEF Steering Committee shall hold an official meeting at least once a year. The committee shall be responsible for auditing, the execution of GSEF projects, the review of member registration, and the review of host city candidates for the General Meeting.


GSEF Secretariat

The GSEF Secretariat is located in Seoul. It is responsible for the execution and reporting of all decisions from the General Assembly and the Steering Committee. It is also responsible for holding the General Assembly and other meetings as required.