[8th ILO SSE Academy]: Legal Framework for SSE and Socially Responsible Public Procurement: Case of Korea

East Asia
Local Government
SSE Organisation
Social enterprise

Presented at: 8th ILO SSE Academy

Organisation: Seoul Social Economy Network

Date: June 28, 2017

Presenter: Mr. Youngsik Kim, Director of Seoul Social Economy Network

Contacts: youngkim@ssen.or.kr


The following presentation overlooks Korea's SSE history and addresses the various SSE legal framework status, public support, and socially responsible public procurement examplars in Korea. The presentation analyzes 8 special laws reserved for Korea's traditional cooperatives. The presentation also focuses particularly on Korea's SSE laws in the 2000s and after, and closely analyzes te effect that these acts have had in SSE in Korea, such as the growth of SSE oganisations, and strong governmental support, at both the national and local levels. 

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