Africa Policy Dialogue 2018

Tuesday, 2 October 2018
Regional Policy Dialogues

GSEF2018 Africa Policy Dialogue (as part of GSEF2018)

Theme: "Decent Work and Entrepreneurship for Social and Labour Inclusion in Africa"     
Date & time: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 10:30am-12:30pm (2h)
Venue: Conference Hall E, Euskalduna

The 1st Africa Policy Dialogue (AfPD) organised by GSEF took place during GSEF2018 on the theme "Decent work and Entrepreneurship for Social and Labour Inclusion in Africa". Africa Policy Dialogue (AfPD) invited African local governments and civil society organisations to share and connect ideas from each part.

The AfPD session took place on 2nd October (Tue) in Bilbao. 13 speakers, including Mr. Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi (UCLG Africa), Mr. Ronald Balimwezo (Mayor of the Nakawa Division) and Mr. Fabrice Adelphe BALOU (Pojet), each had the opportunity to share their views on the main topic. AfPD constituted the first step to build a solid African network on SSE.

The primary purpose of the AfPD is to identify ways of going forward to develop inter-regional partnerships and cooperation based on an international, innovative and supportive approach. In the African region, social economy plays an essential role, and AfPD will provide participants with a meaningful chance to understand the unique circumstances of each country and share information.  

About 80% to 95% of the population in Africa is employed in the informal economy, and the population has sought out innovative solutions to their daily social and economic challenges. Ultimately, social economy in Africa has an important role to play in poverty eradication and should be recognised as an ally for inclusive development by the African authorities and the EU.

AfPD presented various situations and existing challenges across Africa, and it was an opportunity to hear about these issues directly from African SSE actors. In that sense, the AfPD was a powerful channel for the GSEF network to connect with its African members and other actors that are advocating for social economy in the region.