[APD 2018:Financing for social economy in Vietnam] Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP)

East Asia
Social finance

Presented at: Asia Policy Dialogue, Regional Dialogue Group 2. Northeast Asia, Seoul 2018

Organisation: Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP), Vietnam  

Date: July 6th, 2018 

Presenter: Ms. Pham Kieu Oanh (CEO) 

Contact: phamkieuoanh@csip.vn


  • There are several types of social economy enterprises in Vietnam such as Social enterprises, So-operatives, Impact Enterprises. The estimated total number of it is 145,000.
  • Social economy institutions such as self-managed groups take up a lot but impact enterprise is dominant and very potential as well. There are different impact to disadvantaged population and Vietnam development goals. There are a lot to be improved from the perspective of agriculture and food, climate change, energy, health care, etc.
  • Several challenges of SE in raising capital include lack of access(financially unattractive, insufficient), lack of capacity(under-defined needs for capital and long-term vision), lack of impact reporting mechanism and lack of supportive infrastructure and intermediaries.
  • In supply trends, government have some financial incentives. They try to avoid recognizing NGO in Vietnam. Social enterprise they are visible. People may talk a lot about their achievement. If you are not enter you are invisible. That's why NGO is invisible.