Application for International Award "UCLG - Mexico City - Culture 21"

We would like all cities and local governments who are implementing projects / programmes / policies on 'culture and sustainability' to participate to the 3rd edition of International Award "UCLG - Mexico City - Culture 21".

The Secretariat of the Committee of Agenda21 for Culture from UCLG is working to receive as many good candidacies as possible. The objective is to connect the Award to excellent cities, deserving the Award.

The key information of the Award:

- This Award is unique, the only one at a global level to recognise a city, local or regional government whose cultural policy has contributed significantly to linking the values of culture (heritage, diversity, creativity and transmission of knowledge) with democratic governance, citizen participation and sustainable development.

- The project presented by the winning city will receive the amount of Euro 50,000.

- The two key documents of the Award, the rules and the application form, are both available in this page. The application form is easy to complete.

- The experience from previous editions of the Award is that the Jury appoints a large number of candidacies as good practices. See their database of good practices.

- They have a small technical assistance team ready to resolve doubts and provide support.

- The deadline for submissions is 16 March 2018, but please, do not wait to the last minute!