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PREDA Foundation

Member since: 
November 2014

Founded in 1974, the People’s Recovery Empowerment and Development Assistance (PREDA) Foundation Inc. is an active social development organization today with 63 professional Filipino employees implementing projects that save children from sexual abusers and from life in the brothels and sex bars frequented by Filipino men and foreigners of all nationalities.

It saves children from jails and detention centres and gives them a new life of dignity and self-esteem. It advocates for human rights and educates the communities.

Preda has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize and has received the German and Italian Human Rights awards and is  an internationally recognized human rights and child rights advocacy organization of peace and Human Dignity.


The Foundation was established in 1974 in Olongapo City by Father Shay Cullen an Irish member of The Missionary Society of St Columban.

The work of Preda Foundation expanded to help the child victims of the sex trade and those trafficked women and children who were being exploited in the sex business that flourished in Olongapo City beside the huge U.S. Naval Base on Subic Bay.

Fair Trade

Father Shay founded a private Fair Trade organization based on ethical trading rules and Fair Trade criteria to help indigenous, small farmers and alleviate poverty and reduce the number of impoverished villages and stop children being trafficked in sex slavery.

The sale of mango products and other dried fruits helps support, with counterpart funds, the works of Preda. Preda believes with many advocates of human rights and Fair Trade supporters that a commitment to Fair Trade also carries the obligation to help the victims of human rights violations, trafficking and commercially sexually exploited children.