Member since: 
November 2014

Locality is the national network of ambitious and enterprising community-led organizations, working together to help neighborhoods thrive. Locality represents over 500 community-led organizations, who operate in neighborhoods across England, undertaking a wide variety of different activities, reflecting the communities they serve.

What unites Locality’s members is a sense of ambition for their local neighborhood, an enterprising approach to finding local solutions to local problems, and a clear sense that this activity should be community-led and based on self-determination. They act as “anchors” within their community, providing stability, flexibility and a responsiveness to local need.

Locality provides support to our member organizations by capacity-building and skills development, fostering and sharing innovation across our network, and helping them achieve long-term sustainability through community ownership of assets; community enterprise; contract income through service provision; and funding through donations, grants and other forms of charitable giving. 


Locality’s vision is a fair and diverse society where every neighborhood thrives and where local people determine their future together. Locality’s mission is to develop a network of ambitious and enterprising community-led organizations with a strong, collective voice and to inspire community action so that every neighborhood thrives. Locality’s values drive our internal culture and are reflected in all our work: ambitious, fearless, and respectful.


Locality represents some of the most inspiring, determined and enterprising community-led organizations in England. Locality has 500 (and counting) full members and 200 associate members.

Locality’s members work in all sorts of communities around the country, both large and small, urban and rural. What unites them is ambition for their local neighborhood, a determination to solve problems, and a belief that activity should be community-led.

The strength, reach and influence of our members is huge: they employ tens of thousands of staff and volunteers, and hundreds of thousands of people use their services every year. At Locality, staffs are dedicated to supporting their members.

Locality gives them financial advice, helping them win contracts worth millions; Locality offers guidance, knowledge and peer-to-peer learning; we bring hundreds of members together every year for our convention – the largest event in the community sector. Locality acts as a national voice for our membership and presses for positive change.

Locality is one of the leading national experts on community assets. Locality has helped hundreds of communities and local authorities through the asset transfer process. Locality also employs some of the very community enterprise specialists in the country.

As well as supporting the members, Locality runs several major national programs on behalf of the government and others.

These include: 

  • Community Rights and Neighborhood Planning (Locality has given over 15,000 people advice on how to use these new powers);
  • Our Place (Locality has supported hundreds of neighborhoods to tackle important local issues);
  • Community Organisers (Locality has recruited over 5,000 organisers and volunteers who’ve inspired tens of thousands of people to take action).