Japan Workers' Co-operative Union (JWCU)

Member since: 
November 2014

Japan Workers’ Co-operative Union (JWCU/Nihon Rōdōsha Kyōdōkumiai Rengōkai), founded in 1979, represents and unites worker co-operatives throughout Japan. Each worker co-operative is owned and controlled democratically by the worker-members; it is dedicated to creating jobs to promote the well-being of communities through associated work of the members and community residents.

JWCU consists of 59 member organizations, including primarily worker co-operatives, older persons’ co-operatives and affiliated organizations, embracing 12,894 worker-members in total as of March 2014. Our businesses represent diverse areas and sectors in
economy such as social services (elder care, childcare, support for the disabled, etc.,), building maintenance, environment and food/agriculture.

Our turnover in
year 2014 amounts to over 31 billion yen. In addition to contributing to the community through the businesses, the Japan Workers’ Cooperative Union seeks to strengthen its bonds to the community through various activities for social solidarity. These include organizing seminars and symposia on a broad range of social issues, providing disaster aid and protesting nuclear power generation.

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