Latin America and the Caribbean
Member since: 
September 2016

Ecuador Solidarity Economy Network is a non-governmental organization for the promotion of the social and solidarity economy in southern Ecuador (Cuenca).

Main Axis of Activity

  • Exchange of experiences and knowledge among the actors of the SSE
  • Social and solidarity projects
  • Food sovereignty and responsible consumption
  • Community Tourism
  • Ancestral Medicine

Institutional Objectives

  • Promote the establishment and strengthening of organizations, solidary economic circuits and social and solidarity economic integration organizations;
  • Advise the actors of the social and solidarity economy for the formulation, execution and evaluation of projects and programs linked to the social and solidarity economy;
  • Provide information and training services on social and technical issues related to SSE;
  • Articulate actions to promote SSE with organizations and related institutions in the country and abroad.


  • Associations, Communes and Cooperatives legally constituted and actual community organizations
  • Family and associative ventures in the region
  • Organizations of artisanal agroecological producers, community tourism and other expressions of SSE

Principal Activities

  • Information and Communication
  • Quarterly Activity Journal
  • Edu-communication Workshop for Social and Solidarity Economy 

Organization and Training

  • Social and technical advice to SSE organizations in the region
  • Induction and training workshops in SSE for family and community entrepreneurs
  • Organization and participation in fairs of promotion and commercialization of products of the SSE
  • Organization of an SSE National Meeting


  • Integration into the Social and Solidarity Economy Movement of Ecuador (MESSE) as members of the Executive Committee and Regional Facilitators.
  • Articulation with SSE movements in the country and abroad (RIPESS, GSEF, ILO)