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Do you have good practices to present that are related to GSEF2020’s thematic pillars and illustrate the importance of co-creation of public policies or partnership between governments and Social and Solidarity Economy organizations?


GSEF2020 in Mexico City invites all actors around the world to share best practices, practical experiences, and innovative ideas & solutions in order to achieve sustainable and inclusive development and wellbeing for all.

GSEF2020, as the first Global Social Economy Forum taking place in Latin & Central America, will illustrate creative energies and great social impacts generated by the growing global Social and Solidarity Economy movement, particularly rooted in the long history and great cultural diversity of Mexico and the region. 

The 5th GSEF Forum will highlight innovative ideas and practical proposals, and provide opportunities for collaboration and networking around how Social and Solidarity Economy can contribute to building inclusive and sustainable societies and to the wellbeing of citizens as a response to the current important momentum of political and social changes arising globally. 


  • Exchange experiences of sustainable economic development based on the Social and Solidarity Economy, and concretely collective and community entrepreneurship. 

  • Identify public policy projects or initiatives in line with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through Social and Solidarity Economy developing both in rural and urban areas, with special emphasis on indigenous peoples and communities.

  • Identify the most representative challenges of the Social and Solidarity Economy and discuss how to find local solutions and innovative, effective ways for its adequate execution.

  • Reinforce the establishment and strengthening of the Social and Solidarity Economy through networking of cooperatives and other Social and Solidarity Economy actors.

  • Underline the relevance of the Social and Solidarity Economy in the creation of decent work and the strengthening of sustainable and fair production and consumption chains, and towards the ecological transition. 

  • Ensure the active participation of young people, women, indigenous peoples & First Nations in all aspects of the forum.

GSEF2020 Thematic Pillars

For more information on GSEF2020's thematic pillars and sub-themes, please click here


Selected initiatives will be presented during thematic workshops of GSEF2020's main Forum and selected self-organized sessions will be part of both the Pre-forums and the main Forum. Only individuals/organizations/institutions whose proposal was selected will be notified within 2 months after the submission deadline after being evaluated by the GSEF2020 academic committee, according to the following criteria for each thematic area. Due to very limited space and time alloted for self-organized sessions, the number of selected proposals will be limited to ONE per entity.


  • Gender balance, geographic diversity and important factors including the representation of youth, women and indigenous peoples will be considered at the time of selection.

  • Preference will be given to the GSEF members.

  • Projects and initiatives built on collaboration between governments and SSE organizations & enterprises for the co-creation of public policies will be given priority.

  • Submission of initiatives and projects built on innovative practices and approaches is encouraged.

There are three categories:
You can submit your initiative or project under the sub-theme of your choice by filling the online form available through the link below.
Selected initiatives will be presented as part of thematic workshop sessions during the main Forum from 21st to 23rd October.
In compliance with the regulations set by the Local Organizing Committee, selected initiatives will be entitled to receive partial financial support to cover travel expenses.
Only individuals or institutions whose initiative was selected will be contacted within 2 months after the submission deadline.


You can submit your proposal under the sub-theme of your choice by filling the online form available through the link below. Self-organized sessions are your chance to organize or co-organize your own customized session.
Please note that this category is only for self-financed proposals. Space will be provided to the selected proposals during the main Forum from 21st to 23rd October under one of the relevant thematic areas.
Only organizations/institutions whose proposal was selected will be contacted within 2 months after the submission deadline.


As part of the GSEF2020, Pre-forums will be held on 5 themes: Indigenous Peoples and Communities, Youth, Women & Gender, Local Governments & Public Policies, and Day for Researchers.


Besides the 4 thematic pillars of the Forum, these transversal themes will bring opportunities to listen to all voices, reflect on relevant current issues, and identify the best solutions responding to the challenges towards an inclusive and sustainable society through collective, collaborative and human-centered approaches. Pre-forums will also provide time and space for those groups to network, share and exchange experiences and ideas to work together.
Pre-forums and networking events will be organized under these themes in the form of workshops, exhibitions, debates, and meetings on 19th & 20th October.
You can submit your proposal under these themes by filling the online form available through the link below.


Please note that this category is only for self-financed proposals. Venue/rooms will be provided to the selected proposals as part of Pre-forums on 19th & 20th October. 

Only organizations/institutions whose proposal was selected will be contacted within 2 months after the submission deadline.



We welcome initiatives and projects demonstrating the contribution of Social and Solidarity Economy to the inclusive and sustainable development of territories and the wellbeing of citizens. These projects may have been designed and implemented by Social and Solidarity Economy organizations, local governments, or through cooperation between different agents. GSEF2020 thematic workshops will generally group three to five initiatives under one common sub-theme.

Expected duration of the workshops: one-and-a-half hours (time allocated for the total number of initiatives presented in each workshop session)

Deadline for submission:  Extended till further notice

Languages: Initiatives/session proposals should be submitted in English, Spanish or French    
*Simultaneous interpretation in English, Spanish and French will be provided during the main Forum. However, please note that this service is not guaranteed for every thematic workshop session.


* Only proposals submitted via the GSEF2020 official website will be considered.
* For reasons of capacity and equilibrium of the expected topics, the academic committee reserves the right to select initiatives and session proposals.
* Institutions/organizations whose proposal for a self-organized session was selected will be contacted within two months after the submission deadline.
* In the event of an initiative being selected, the presenter of that initiative will be provided free access to the main Forum (21st -23rd October 2020).
* Should you have technical difficulties with the online form, send a message to


  Submission Deadline
      Extended till further notice
  Notification of selected proposals
      April - May 2020
      October 19th & 20th 2020   
  Global Social Economy Forum 2020   
      October 21st - 23rd  2020 

 For further information or any inquiry, please contact: