Consejo de servicios sociales de Hong Kong (Hong Kong Council of Social Service, HKCSS)

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

The Hong Kong Social Services Council (HKCSS) is a federation of non-governmental social services organizations in Hong Kong. It was created in 1947 with the aim of planning and coordinating large-scale humanitarian aid after World War II. In 1951 he was enrolled in the register of legal entities under chapter 1057 of the ordinances. Since then, the Council has actively collaborated with the Hong Kong government in developing development and social welfare policies. At present, the Council brings together more than 430 associations, all of which offer 90 percent of the city's social services through its 3,000 operating units.

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The Hong Kong Social Services Council (HKCSS) longs to build an efficient, effective, accountable social services sector that responds to the social needs of citizens and works for the long-term sustainable development of society and for the well-being of everybody.


The Hong Kong Social Services Council (HKCSS) promotes interactions between government, non-governmental organizations, professional associations, business and social enterprises. 

The role of the Council is to identify social problems and recommend policies for dealing with relevant government agencies. In order to select the most appropriate policies, it is previously studied and analyzed in depth. The results are submitted to the Council members and economic and social agents of the city. The Council is currently engaged in combating poverty and defending social security, employment, housing and social development. To this end, the Council has set up a special anti-poverty unit consisting of a team of highly involved people and a social innovation and entrepreneurship commission promoting the social economy.