Setagaya City


Setagaya City is one of 23 special wards in Tokyo, Japan. The population of the city is more than 880,000 people, which is the largest population of Tokyo’s 23 special wards and other basic local governments in Tokyo. Setagaya City also has second largest area of Tokyo's 23 special wards (58.08 km2). The Office supports the work of Mr. Nobuto HOSAKA, Mayor of Setagaya City, through developing and implementing key policies he introduced in the administration of the city as a Mayor. The office also works to develop a political framework to support the Mayor for his stable political activity.


To improve the life of people of Setagaya City through participatory democracy, based on the development of key policy frameworks and capacity of citizens. To realize the concept of “City of Participation and Collaboration” as stated in the title of the “Setagaya City Basic Plan,” which will be the basic guideline for administration of the city government for the 10-year period from April 2014.