GSEF Regional Policy Dialogues have played a key role in promoting knowledge exchange between policymakers and practitioners towards identifying the best ways of co-constructing public policies and establishing ecosystems for the promotion of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and social innovation, with the goal to tackle various societal and urban challenges in Asia where social enterprises are increasingly playing a pivotal role in the provision of social services as well as serving as a catalyst for industrial innovations.

Asia Regional Policy Dialogues were first held in conjunction with the GSEF Forums in Seoul (GSEF2014, GSEF2015), and its 3rd edition took place in Hong Kong as a side event to the AVPN Annual  Conference in 2016. In 2017 and 2018, Asia Regional Policy Dialogues took place once again in Seoul. Since 2017, the GSEF Regional Policy Dialogue programme has been broadening its focus to include other other continents such as Europe - Europe Policy Dialogue 2017 in Archamps (France) and Europe Policy Dialogue 2018 in Madrid (Spain) - and Africa with the Africa Policy Dialogue 2018, which took place during GSEF2018 in Bilbao (Spain).

List of GSEF Regional Policy Dialogues


Asia Policy Dialogue 2014 (17 Nov 2018, Seoul): Social Economy in the 21st Century - The Asian Perspectives (in partnership with British Council)

Asia Policy Dialogue 2015 (4 Nov 2015, Seoul): Multi Cross-Sector Cooperation of Social Economy Policy in Asia (in partnership with C dot) 

Asia Policy Dialogue 2016 (26 May 2016, Hong Kong): The role of government in enhancing impact in the social economy in Asia (in partnership with AVPN, British Council and BMW Foundation) 

Asia Policy Dialogue 2017 (30 June~1 July 2017, Seoul): Effective public policy design for fostering social economy as a leverage for inclusive and sustainable socioeconomic development in Asia

Asia Policy Dialogue 2018 (5~6 July 2018, Seoul): Public policies for financing the social and solidarity economy to strengthen its values and competitiveness


Europe Policy Dialogue 2017 (5 Dec, Archamps): Transformative partnership between local governments and SSE actors

Europe Policy Dialogue 2018 (7 Nov, Madrid): Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development through SSE


Africa Policy Dialogue 2018 (2 Oct, Bilbao): Decent work and entrepreneurship for social and labour inclusion in Africa