[8th ILO SSE Academy]: Social Innovation HRDF

South Asia
Urban regeneration
Social innovation
Sustainable Development

Presented at: 8th ILO SSE Academy

Organisation: Human Resources Development Foundation (HRDF)

Date: June 29, 2017

Presenter: Mr. N. Dayalan (Director)

Contacts: dayalanhrdf@gmail.com


HRDF is a dynamic organisation under the Human Resources Ministry. It has played an influential role in establishing local social enterprises and cooperatives in order to strenghten social economy in affected regions as well as alleviating inequalities in local regions. HRDF recognizes the limitations of the current economic method, rapid industrialisation, and attempts to solve it through adopting social innovative approaches. The organization focuses on the needs of SSE in rural poor, especially in India where the caste system further contributes to poverty and social exclusion. The followin document describes some of the ways that HRDF used to empower its local communities and contribute to fostering an ecosystem for SSE.