AirVisual: AirVisual is a social enterprise that aims to increase public awareness of air pollution around the world.

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Type: Social Enterprise

Category: Environment (Air quality)



AirVisual is a social enterprise that aims to increase a public awareness of air pollutions by visualising air quality status based on the data provided by citizen users from more than 8,000 cities around the globe.  

Through its app, users can easily check out the quality of air in their local community and able to access useful information such as localised news relate to the air pollution and prevention efforts. At the same time, through its Airnode, users are encouraged to submit the real time air population data of their residing city for the wider public.

Airvisual's efforts of consolidating air pollution data from citizens demonstrate that the community based solutions engineered by social enterprise can generate significant impacts on improving overall environmental conditions by simply increasing public awareness of certain problems.


About AirVisual

With the growing problem of fine dust, especially in developing countries and affected neighboring countries, recently the app ‘AirVisual’ is increasingly gaining popularity and media attention (You can even find out reviews which are evaluating the app is more reliable than the meteorological agencies). AirVisual provides free measurements of air pollution in a total of 8,000 cities worldwide.

AirVisual is a ‘social enterprise that promotes social movement for improving environmental conditions by providing the tools and information people need to be equipped to cope with polluted environment. As a social enterprise, ‘AirVisual’ provides this service to protect people and further increase the awareness of air pollution and global warming.

The purpose of visualizing pollutant concentrations is to show clearly how pollutants they emit from their daily lives affect their health as well as the health of the planet. The mesmerizing real time air pollution map is generated from satellite imagery and data reported by over 10,000 monitoring stations, including government stations and crowdsourced data from AirVisual's own PM2.5 air quality monitors called ‘Airnode’. By incorporating their own network of monitoring stations, AirVisual has become the first and only platform to provide valuable air quality data for Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Cambodia and the Philippines where countries lack measurement tools yet are under heavy influence of air pollution.

‘AirVisual Earth’ provides the first 3D air pollution map ( to show the interaction of ambient particulate matter (PM2.5) levels and weather patterns worldwide. The mesmerizing interface allows viewers to spin the globe, zoom in and out, and toggle between combined PM2.5 and weather data, or just wind patterns alone; and track AQI (Air Quality Index) levels across the planet via vivid color-coded heat mapping. (Search it! You can visualize AirVisual goal at a glance).