Meet the GSEF Team


Laurence KWARK

Secretary General (GSEF Secretariat) - 

Laurence Kwark is the Secretary General of the GSEF Secretariat. Prior to joining the GSEF, she served as UN representative for Pax Romana ICMICA in Geneva, where she also had served as the Secretary General for five years. Over her 30 year career, she has devoted herself to improve human rights and social development in many developing countries particularly in Asia and the South America region. She has worked for many leading organizations including Terre d’avenir, CCFD-Terre Solidaire, Lebret-Irfed Centre and EMPSA.  Laurence holds a master’s degree in sociology from EHESS (Ecole des hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris). She is a French citizen, fluent in Korean, French, English and Spanish.  

Jin Kyung CHOI

Team Manager (GSEF Secretariat) - 


Jin Kyung Choi is the team manager of the GSEF Secretariat. She has extensive experience in improving the quality of life in disadvantaged areas in developing countries. Prior to joining GSEF, she served as a director of ‘Cooperation and Participation in Overseas’ in the Mongolian office where she directed various projects including running child care centers and other educational programs in Ulaanbaatar. Prior to working in Mongolia, she worked on many development projects with local NGOs in Asia and Africa. She also has experience in working with Korean adult overseas adoptees at Global Overseas Adoptees Link/G.O.A.L.

Jung Yuen PARK (Yun)

Team Manager (GSEF Secretariat) - 

 Yun (Jung Yuen Park) joined GSEF Secretariat in 2018 as Team Manager. She has professional experiences in the fields of international development, education, communication, advocacy, marketing and research in Spain, Germany, Nepal, Rwanda and Korea. She holds an MBA at the IE Business School and a Master’s degree at the Carlos V Center, University of Madrid. Before joining GSEF, she supported an education coalition in Korea and advocated for the importance of civil society participation in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 4.7 working as Project Coordinator at the Hope is Education.

Hae-Kyung Seo

Team Manager (GSEF Secretariat) - 




Ms. Hae-Kyung Seo is Manager of Global Urban Partnership Division, Seoul Metropolitan Government. She takes charge of the city’s policy-sharing projects, Seoul’s urban policies promotion to the global society, and the mission to attract more international organizations to Seoul. Since beginning her public career in 1992, she has gone through important posts of the city in the areas of economy policy, legal affairs and environment. She majored in sociology from the Chonnam national university for her bachelor. Her key interest includes urban diplomacy, sustainable urban development, and knowledge-sharing of urban policies.

Jongduk JUNG

Coordinator (GSEF Secretariat) - 


Jongduk joined GSEF Secretariat as a coordinator. Prior to joining GSEF, he gained experiences through internships in UN Project Office on Governance, Science and Technology Policy Institute and Korea Rural Economic Institue. Jongduk is interested in the dynamics of social economy and social welfare provision. Jongduk holds a master’s degree in international public policy.

Soyoung CHOI

Assistant Coordinator (GSEF Secretariat) - 

Soyoung Choi is an assistant coordinator at GSEF. She majored in sociology and Korean linguistics & literature, and learned international journalism in Netherlands as an exchange student. Prior to joining GSEF, she was a member of a film making club and a journalism project team and also finished internship at the economic/international department of a news agency. She loves to learn and share all things human has created such as books, knowledge, music etc. Now, at GSEF, she is looking for ideas to maintain our society harmoniously.

Jihyun KIM 

Assistant Coordinator (GSEF Secretariat) - 


Jihyun Kim is an assistant coordinator at GSEF. When she first entered college, she was on the pre-med track, but instead, became interested in investment and corporate analysis. She majored in Chinese and International Management, and studied abroad in Peking University. During her time in China, she reassessed the potential of China and fell in love with ancient Chinese texts and its history. She has experienced start-ups and conglomerates, but currently, she is working at GSEF to discover the new model and its fair distribution of wealth. Some of her hobbies include cross-fit, Kali & Arnis, and other forms of extreme sports. Aside from these, she’s also interested in profiling, building houses, drawing, playing MIDI Controller and data analysis.

Jieun SONG 

Assistant Coordinator (GSEF Secretariat) - 


Jieun joined the GSEF Secretariat as an Assistant Coordinator in March 2017. She majored in Korean and Korean literature at university. Before joining the GSEF, she pursued her career as a Korean lecturer and a researcher on Korean language examinations. She has just started her new career in the field of social economy and hopes to grow further with the GSEF.

Jiyeon CHUNG 

Assistant Coordinator (GSEF Secretariat) - 


Ji Yeon Chung is an assistant coordinator of the GSEF Secretariat. She has a master’s degree in Sociology. Her research spans the health cooperatives movements, cooperatives, social movements, and public health care system. She became interested in Social Economy with an interest in how to maintain non-profit values and make it sustainable in capitalistic societies. Her recent interest is in the "space" that social economy constructs and its "boundaries". In GSEF Secretariat, Ji Yeon has had a great opportunity to learn about the networking of global social networks with her precious colleagues.